Did the best that I could
Said I'd die for you and I would
But I drowned all those feelings in the flood
Need to know if you're there
If you're listening to my prayers to my tears
Feel like raindrops through the mud
How was I to know that a year ago
I'd need to read between the lines

And every lie and that's why
Every time I fall asleep my dreams are haunted
And every time I close my eyes
I'm not alone

And every time I cry
I'm right back where you wanted
I try to drown you out so
down goes another one
Living Fast
Dying young

But I'm living with what you've done

Now I face accusations
I won't run, NoI'm starting to remember things
that you said
I'm unravelling what they meant
But the world moves on
You're just another one
And how can I go on
'Cause when I'm in the sun
I see your shadow on the ground
But you're never there when I turn around

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Mrs.Valensi dijo...

heeeeey un beso che (: